6 Activities Near San José, Costa Rica

activities near san jose costa rica

San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is a city full of exciting adventures and experiences awaiting you. From Hotel Casa Roland San José, your gateway to this vibrant city, you can explore several nearby attractions. Here are six activities near San José, Costa Rica, you shouldn’t miss:

Visit Hacienda Alsacia: Dive into the world of Costa Rican coffee and learn about its cultivation process in this beautiful hacienda.

Visit Poás Volcano: Witness the breathtaking beauty of Poás Volcano’s crater and enjoy the lush nature surrounding it.

Visit Irazú Volcano: Immerse yourself in the lunar landscape of Irazú Volcano, with its fascinatingly colored lagoons.

Visit La Paz Waterfall: Marvel at the majesty of this waterfall surrounded by tropical jungle and natural trails.

Visit Central Market: Discover local culture and savor delicious Costa Rican cuisine in the heart of San José.

Visit Zooave Animal Rescue Center: Get to know the incredible diversity of Costa Rican wildlife and learn about conservation efforts.

After a day filled with adventures, return to your home away from home at Hotel Casa Roland San José, where spacious and comfortable rooms, a cozy bar, event spaces, and convenient parking await you. Moreover, all our reservations include a delightful breakfast to fuel your further explorations of activities near San Jose, Costa Rica.

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